Secure by design

Your safety is our priority

Assets held in custody
All investments are separately held by our independent custody and clearing partner, who is also registered with ASIC. If Cache ceases to operate, all investments will remain in custody and owned by the investors.
24/7 fraud monitoring
We monitor all accounts for unusual or fraudulent activity. We’ll contact you if we notice unusual activity on your account.

Additional security features

Bank-level security
We use 256-bit SSL encryption to protect and secure all your information and transaction history.
TLS security
Our app uses the latest Transport Layer Security protocol to protect your information when communicating with Cache.
Biometric identification
You have the option to use biometric recognition (such as a fingerprint or facial scan) to access your account.
We do not and will not sell your personal information. For more information, please see our privacy policy.
Regular updates
We constantly monitor the latest security technologies to make sure our systems are up to date and comply with industry best practice.
Access controls
We use automatic logouts, log-in thresholds, and ID verification to help prevent unauthorised use of our systems. All payments to third parties originating from our app require two-factor authentication.


Your safety is our priority

We’re here if you need us and happy to help.
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