Cache Micro-Investing Report

Annual review of micro-investing apps in Australia

Your end-to-end solution for building and launching a powerful fintech product without the complexity

Over the last 12 months, the number of micro-investing accounts held by Australians has more than doubled in size to 1.3m.

​If you’re interested in offering your own micro-investing product, Cache can help you capitalise on this unprecedented opportunity with speed and confidence.

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How Cache Invest benefits you


Speed to market

Deliver a new investment product in under 120 days


Eliminate compliance risk

Cache’s rigorous compliance framework ensures all regulatory needs are exceeded


No tech development required

Simply connect to Cache’s platform through modern APIs


Manage all data in a central location

Utilise Cache’s systems to manage all customer interactions


A fraction of the cost

Benefit from Cache’s economies of scale in creating investment products


A platform built for enterprise

Built on the most up-to-date technology, the Cache platform is infinitely scalable


Optimised fund management

Offering fractionalised access to customised investment strategies