Investment Syndicates

Enjoy the rewards that come when you make your asset class more widely available
Cache gives you the ability to establish and scale an investment syndicate by utilising our all encompassing platform. It covers all aspects of syndication through technology so all you need to do is source the investments.
You can lower the barriers surrounding asset classes that have traditionally kept people out with high minimum investments. Cache will power it all and you keep the carry.

What we provide






Investment Services

All these features are accessible through our administration portal so you have oversight of your customer data at all times.

New South Angels

Growing the community of early-stage startup

UNSW Founders is Australia’s largest and most prolific university-based startup program. In 2020 alone, 12 of their startups raised $24m with a total portfolio value of over $200m.

Now sophisticated investors have the opportunity to invest alongside the Founders Program in some of their most exciting high growth potential startups. We operate the independent angel investment syndicate that makes it all possible.

Investment syndicates

The Benefits To You


Capture performance fees

Cache’s unique pricing model allows you to keep the carry when returns are distributed from successful investments


Low fees

Once your fund is established, there are no additional costs for each additional investment.


Eliminate compliance risk

Cache’s compliance team and rigorous framework will help ensure you exceed all regulatory obligations. ​


No development required

We manage all processes efficiently through our pre-built platform.


Beat the competition to market

Lean on our efficient and scaled processes to deliver a product into market quickly and confidently.