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A growing community of fintech innovators

Our clients are shaking up their respective industries with their ground-breaking new investment products.

Although they play in different spaces, one common theme is that they’re all improving the accessibility of exciting asset classes and strategies.

See how Cache-powered investments are making life better for people across Australia.


Loyalty rewards reimagined

Upstreet is pioneering a new shopper rewards paradigm, where shoppers are rewarded with fractional share ownership instead of points or cash. Shoppers build ownership as they shop, in either the ASX-listed retailers they buy from or unlisted retailer-nominated ETF products.

Having listed over 100 retail brands and onboarded thousands of users, Upstreet is poised to shake up retail, loyalty and micro-investing.

Spriggy Invest

Financial literacy through the generations

Spriggy has built a community of over 500,000 users with their pocket money, debit card and financial literacy offering intended for parents and children.

They chose Cache to power Spriggy Invest, through which their entire user base can now establish investing accounts for their children, building their wealth ahead of time while providing them with crucial investor education.


AI-powered algorithmic investing

Unhedged is pioneering AI-powered algorithmic investing for sophisticated and ultimately retail investors, and plans to launch a mobile app with an unfunded mode so users can experience algorithmic investing and see their actual performance before investing.

They recently closed a record-breaking $2.3m equity crowdfunding round on Birchal from 973 investors.

New South Angels

Growing the community of early-stage startup

UNSW Founders is Australia’s largest and most prolific university-based startup program. In 2020 alone, 12 of their startups raised $24m with a total portfolio value of over $200m.

Now sophisticated investors have the opportunity to invest alongside the Founders Program in some of their most exciting high growth potential startups. We operate the independent angel investment syndicate that makes it all possible.