Share Loyalty Schemes

Whether you’re rewarding employees or customers, Cache can power a share loyalty scheme to align interests and build love for your brand.
By turning your customers or employees into shareholders, you can enjoy multifaceted benefits including increased brand advocacy.
Cache enables you to establish a fractionalised investment rewards program by offering an end-to-end investment service that covers everything you need.

What we provide






Investment Services

All these features are accessible through our administration portal so you have oversight of your customer data at all times.


Loyalty rewards reimagined

Upstreet is pioneering a new shopper rewards paradigm, where shoppers are rewarded with fractional share ownership instead of points or cash. Shoppers build ownership as they shop, in either the ASX-listed retailers they buy from or unlisted retailer-nominated ETF products.

Having listed over 100 retail brands and onboarded thousands of users, Upstreet is poised to shake up retail, loyalty and micro-investing.

Benefits to you


Customer loyalty

Customers are more likely to spend more, return more often, and sing your praises when they’re investors.


Increase access to investing

If like us you care about helping more people become investors in listed products, Cache can help you become a part of the solution.


Speed to market

Cache can deliver a functional and compliant share rewards product in 120 days.


Avoid compliance and red tape

Our compliance team and rigorous frameworks take care of regulatory requirements so you don’t have to. ​


Employee satisfaction

Employees are more productive and likely to stay on when they’re investors in your company.